Why was the usa unable to

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Why was the usa unable to

Why couldn't the US win the Vietnam War? The United States came into a civil war between the citizens ofNorth and South Vietnam which had been going on for centuries.

Considering the vegetation, and the style of fight…ing the US didnot have what it needed to be prepared. Tactically, the US did quite well in a military sense-- winning themajority of the battles fought. America did not lose in thatrespect.

The United States of America. Why is the U.S. unable to defeat ISIS? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. 4 Answers. Nate Waddoups, works at Microsoft. Answered Mar 5, · Author has k answers and m answer views. You're assuming that we want to defeat ISIS. While we do want ISIS defeated, we really want ISIS to be defeated by armies . The bombing of North Vietnam just made the U.S. look like a ‘bully’ and the Vietnamese people sided with the V.C (Vietcong). Another reason why the U.S. was unable to win the war was growing war tensions back in the States. Anti-Vietnam demonstration broke out as like the one in New York. Where public opinion turn against the war. We are unable to forward messages directed specifically to USA Network talent. Although we are unable to individually respond to every inquiry due to the high volume of feedback we receive, we value your comments and suggestions.

The defeat came as a political fall out. Bowing to anti-warpressure from home, the media damaged the war cause beyond repair,hence the early American withdrawal came in The Republic ofVietnam and the South Vietnamese did not want to fight or defendtheir country. They were invaded on April 30, in what is knownas the Fall of Saigon.

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If the United States would have stayed the course and fight, thewar would have been a guaranteed victory strategically. Also to the last part of the question.

The reason the Americanforces did not have what they needed to fight with was because ofall the political pressure back home. Also the lack of willingnessby the politicians, to allow them to use all of there assets and tofight the way there commanders would have preferred.

Also to be considered is the role of the western media in turningAmerican military victories into propaganda victories for theCommunists, in enabling them to "win" the war, which war itself wastragic for both sides. Underlying the importance of such is the often quoted exchangebetween Colonel Harry G.

Why were the US unable to win the war of Vietnam

During one of his liaison trips to Hanoi,Colonel Harry told Tu, "You know, you never beat us on thebattlefield," Colonel Tu responded, "That may be so, but it is alsoirrelevant. Government British "Encounter" journalist Robert Elegant stated, "For the first time in modern history, the outcome of a war wasdetermined not on the battlefield but on the printed page andtelevision screens - never before Vietnam had the collective policyof the media sought, by graphic and unremitting distortion, thevictory of the enemies of the correspondents own side.

It is a majorirony of the Vietnam War that our propaganda transformed thisdebacle into a brilliant victory. The truth was that Tet cost ushalf our forces. Our losses were so immense that we were unable toreplace them with new recruits.

As the conflict dragged on into years,this came to be seen by the American populace and others as anexercise in futility. Meanwhile, the idea that a small, third-worldcountry in Southeast Asia becoming a Communist state would be anytype of threat to Democracy became increasingly seen as anillusion.

The fact that the US won every battle and enemy bodycounts remained disproportionately high could not gloss over thedestruction being broadcast into American living rooms on a nightlybasis, eventually galvanizing public opinion against the war.

The difficulty is compounded when you factor in therealities that the war is conducted on the enemy's home terrain,and he can make himself pracitcally invisible by blending in withthe civilian population whenever he needs to.

Just ask the Britishin the American War of independence or the Russians in Afghanistanin the late s how much they enjoyed trying it. We were able to isolate Korea during the Korean Warbecause it was located on a Peninsula. Vietnam was NOT a peninsula.

These conditions made the war un-winnable. Because the communist supply of men and material could not beisolated, as had been done during the Korean War Korea was apeninsula.

Why was the usa unable to

The CommunistSuperpowers, may have had some say about that form of action. The USwanted to avoid Communist Superpower intervention at all costs. Couldn't risk intervention from communist superpowers if we widenedthe war.Find contact information and other facts about Presidents, Vice Presidents, and First Ladies, past and present.

The vice president of the United States of America is the president of the Senate and takes over the role of president if the president is unable to perform his or her duties. The vice president will become president if. Dec 01,  · Best Answer: because We Ignored Dwight D.

Eisenhower when he warned us of what was going to happen. Eisenhower foretold the cold war and warned us to stay out of it. J.F.K. called him weak on communism and weak on national defense.

we believed JFK (wrongly)Status: Resolved. Untrained volunteers Became experienced as they were very committed, e.g. they didn't leave after 1 yr Had the support of peasants Committed to guerrilla fighting (in the jungle, blending in) so didn't need superiority of numbers.

The United States came into a civil war between the citizens ofNorth and South Vietnam which had been going on for lausannecongress2018.comering the vegetation, and the style of fight ing the US didnot. Interested in Week 5 Why was the United States unable to avoid entering a Cold War with the Soviet Union Bookmark it to view later.

Bookmark Week 5 Why was the United States unable to avoid entering a Cold War with the Soviet Union%(70). The United States was unable to remain neutral in World War I.

There are several reasons for this. One reason was we were more sympathetic toward the British than toward the Germans.

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