Taiho plastics industries private limited case study

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Taiho plastics industries private limited case study

We are amending the regulations governing the importation of plants for planting to add orchid plants of the genus Dendrobium from Taiwan to the list of plants that may be imported into the United States in an approved growing medium, subject to specified growing, inspection, and certification requirements.

We are taking this action in response to a request from the Taiwanese Government and after determining that the plants could be imported, under certain conditions, without resulting in the introduction into, or the dissemination within, the United States of a quarantine plant pest or noxious weed.

Effective March 1, Background The regulations in 7 CFR part prohibit or restrict the importation into the United States of certain plants and plant products to prevent the introduction of plant pests and noxious weeds.

This requirement is intended to help prevent the introduction of plant pests that might be present in the growing media; the exceptions to the requirement take into account factors that mitigate plant pest risks.

A phytosanitary certificate issued by the NPPO of the country in which the plants were grown that declares that the above conditions have been met must accompany the plants at the time of importation.

These conditions have been used to successfully mitigate the risk of pest introduction associated with the importation into the United States of approved plants established in growing media. In response to a request from the NPPO of Taiwan, we prepared a pest risk assessment PRA in order to identify the quarantine plant pests that could follow the importation of orchid plants of the genus Dendrobium in approved growing media from Taiwan into the United States.

Based on the findings of the PRA, we prepared a risk management document RMD to determine whether phytosanitary measures exist that would address this quarantine plant pest risk. We solicited comments concerning our proposal for 60 days ending December 27, We received 11 comments by that date.

They were from a scientific group, industry organizations, a State department of agriculture, and private citizens. They are discussed below by topic. General Comments One commenter was supportive of the proposed action but requested that we also allow for the importation of carnivorous plants from Taiwan as they are grown in the same medium.

Were Taiwan to submit a request to import carnivorous plants in approved growing media we would consider and analyze that request as we would any other. APHIS is committed to a transparent process and an inclusive role for stakeholders in our risk analysis process. To that end, we are currently considering ways to facilitate further stakeholder involvement, including site visits, during the initial stages of the development of PRAs.

However, since this comment relates to the structure of APHIS' overall risk analysis process, and not to the importation of Dendrobium spp.

A commenter requested that we take into consideration the increased workload of border inspectors and the potential impact of additional imports on inspection times and treatment facilities.

One commenter wanted to know how the importation of Dendrobium spp. The commenter speculated that the imported Dendrobium spp. The commenter wanted to know whether APHIS was planning to implement any programs to assist domestic orchid growers in the face of foreign competition.

It is beyond APHIS' statutory authority to prohibit importation of a commodity for any reason other than to prevent the introduction or dissemination of a plant pest or noxious weed within the United States.

Under the Plant Protection Act PPAAPHIS may prohibit the importation of a fruit or vegetable into the United States only if we determine that the prohibition is necessary in order to prevent the introduction or dissemination of a plant pest or noxious weed within the United States.Technological dynamism in Asia.

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Taiho plastics industries private limited case study

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