Solo window washing business plan

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Solo window washing business plan

Play Now Play in Popup Start by giving us a general overview of the window cleaning business. Well, the window cleaning business as a whole is a great market to get into because it has a very small initial investment, very easy to get into, low startup costs, no franchise fees, not very many sunk costs.

Should you focus on residential window cleaning, or is it more profitable to do commercial window cleaning? So it adds a renewable income source for you that continues to come in month after month.

Some other people branch out into other services, but in the fundamental core businesses you really have either residential or commercial and some light industrial, which typically gets lumped into commercial categories. Walk me through the process step-by-step that you used when you started your window cleaning business.

I went to check that out, and it looked awesome. So I kind of just hooked myself up with a squeegee and a bucket, and once I felt confident in my skills I went out there and kind of went door-to-door looking for business.

Little by little I just kind of built it up into a growing business. Is there a difference between window cleaning and window washing?

solo window washing business plan

Window washing, I mean, to a professional window cleaner, is almost borderline insulting. Window cleaners already have a slightly bad reputation in terms of people kind of associate window cleaners with, you know, the guys who jump on your windshield at a stop light and try to clean you with a newspaper.

Anybody can wash a window, but we clean it. Talk about the process of cleaning windows.

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It sounds simple, but, walk us through the steps a professional takes. I can just pick a squeegee up and pull it down a window. What kind of equipment do you need to get started and how much does it all cost? Very, very low startup costs. Pretty much only commercial accounts or single-story homes.


Definitely you get what you pay for as with any business in the equipment and what not. Unger makes a really good brand of strip washer, which is what you use to wet the window. Do you need a van, or other kind of specialized vehicle?

Again, it depends on what type of window cleaning you plan on doing. A truck would be fine with a ladder rack or a camper shell.

I personally prefer either a van, a big cargo van, or a Ford Ranger-sized mid-sized truck, with a camper shell so that you can lock up your stuff. What type of cleaning solutions work best for windows? Can you recommend a specific brand? Those solutions cost a lot of money. It may be ten dollars for the bottle, but they probably recommend that you use half the bottle in two gallons of water.

What about window cleaning franchises? Are there any worth considering? This is kind of a touchy subject considering that I obviously believe in starting your own business. I actually wrote kind of an expose article on window cleaning franchises and licensee programs.

In window cleaning, they offer support, which support to them is you fly out at your expense to do a two or three-day training seminar with them at their location. Or you pay even more money to have them come and do a two or three-day training seminar with you.

You can teach yourself, or you can buy a package which is the way to do it, I think, because you can find you get everything you need in one little location, and you can just look back and refer back to it as many times as necessary to achieve your goal.

Think about it, name a single window cleaning franchise that you know all over the country. They can think of a million of them because franchises work in certain industries. Are there other services you could provide in addition to window cleaning to boost profits?

Those include track cleaning, screen cleaning, chandelier cleaning, blind cleaning, things like that.Window cleaning business plan example. 5 stars based on 35 reviews Essay.

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Window washing, I mean, to a professional window cleaner, is almost borderline insulting. but don’t take the time to actually research it and create a plan of attack or a business plan for how they’re going to achieve what they want to do.

So jumping in without. Hecker began his solo window-washing career shorlty after his employer closed, according to Hecker. He took his employer’s customers and Hecker has been washing windows since. Five days a week, Hecker washes windows for customers on a route — charging 50 cents per window.

Specialised cleaning – there are lots of potentially valuable niches to explore: from a window cleaning business and a carpet cleaning business to a roof cleaning or a car wash/car valet business (all of which could be done as a residential or a commercial cleaning business).

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