Schizophrenia thought and poem jim stevens

Patrick Lewis is a clever poem in my personal opinion. The poem says that the smallest cut hurts the most. I believe the cut could actually represent something even more than a simple bruise or slit of the skin that causes the pain.

Schizophrenia thought and poem jim stevens

It was the house that suffered most. It had begun with slamming doors, angry feet scuffing the carpets, dishes slammed onto the table, greasy stains spreading on the cloth.

Certain doors were locked at night, feet stood for hours outside them, dishes were left unwashed, the cloth disappeared under a hardened crust. The house came to miss the shouting voices, the threats, the half-apologies, noisy reconciliations, the sobbing that followed.

Then lines were drawn, borders established, some rooms declared their loyalties, keeping to themselves, keeping out the other. The house divided against itself.

Seeing cracking paint, broken windows, the front door banging in the wind, the roof tiles flying off, one by one, the neighbors said it was a madhouse.

When studying the poem, I found a word we might need to know. It means to reestablish a close relationship between. The title is relevant because it helps the reader understand that the poem has a problem going on.


The author uses personification to create layers of meaning. One example is when the author makes it seem as if the house has feelings and suffers hurt. The author uses the sound device alliteration. An example of alliteration is when he uses the words stains spreading together.

The speaker of the poem could be the author or someone who experienced it. This is indicated by how he speaks. I know this because this is when he refers back to the beginning. The tone of this poem is anger.


Some clues of the tone are the slamming doors and breaking dishes. I interpreted the theme as trying your best to make something work and then having to give up in the end. The house was a symbol that helped me come to this conclusion. When their relationship fell apart, so did the house.Schizophrenia: Thought and Poem Jim Stevens.

Author: Brandon Johnson. 14 “Schizophrenia” By Jim Stevens “Schizophrenia” by Jim Stevens Is a poem depleting the way a schizophrenic person’s brain works. In the first line of the poem Jim Stevens says “It was the house that suffered the.

Poem: "Schizophrenia" - a mental illness characterized by illogical thoughts, strange behavior and speech, and delusions or hallucinations, such as hearing voices. Poem: In the first stanza, "It was the house that suffered most" can be viewed as the human brain and the effects schizophrenia has on it.

Jim Stevens is a poet of Seneca and German grew up around Milwaukee, graduating from University of Iowa Writers Workshop.

Schizophrenia thought and poem jim stevens

He taught English at UW-La Crosse and then lived for many years in Madison, where he was active in literary circles, teaching through UW-Extension and working for a number of publishing houses. Below are 20 poems about my psychotic episodes.

They are tales that have haunted my mind for years. Schizophrenia is a terrifying illness that is both traumatic and tragic for those inflicted. Schizophrenic Poets and Writers – Poetry On Psychosis A poem explicitly about psychosis by Ann Olson, PhD, one of the most creative poets and writers with schizophrenia.

It is based upon “ The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock ” by T.S. Eliot. Feelings such as these are found in Jim Stevens' poem "Schizophrenia." The poem shows the conflicts that exist within the house. However, the crisis that the family is experiencing is not expressed directly, but indirectly, through the house.

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