Reasons why shakespeare was regarded as the greatest in english literature

Student Answers nusratfarah Student There are various reasons to call Shakespeare great.

Reasons why shakespeare was regarded as the greatest in english literature

He wrote memorable speeches, in an unforced poetic meter and featuring striking figures of speech. Think of "Out, out, brief candle! In those artistic lines, he also voiced many philosophic truths, demonstrating a keen knowledge of human nature. In addition, he created memorable, complex characters.

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Think of Hamlet--an intellectual who is pressed to take action but can't bring himself to act, first because he realizes that his dislike of the person he's called on to act against may make him too willing to believe in that person's guilt, then because the opportunity for acting strikes him as less than perfect.

Or consider some comic characters, such as Beatrice and Benedick, who take verbal jabs at each other until, in the words of one recent critic, "they have to be told that they are in love. The protagonists of his tragedies, in particular, are excellent examples of Aristotle's description of a tragic hero: Then, although it has been said that Shakespeare couldn't or didn't write original plots, he shaped his source material into artistically constructed plots and subplots.

In the comedies, the interweaving of plot and subplot, with just-right timing, keep the laughs coming and let the viewer know that, despite the chaotic mess that the characters have worked themselves into, everything will turn out happily.

In the tragedies, the contrast or parallels between plot and subplot add dimension to the main plot line and add to the tragic effect. In fact, Shakespeare did much to create the modern idea of tragedy by combining whether he knew it or notthe two earlier concepts of it.

Ancient tragedy, specifically Greek, was expected to involve a reversal of fortune. Medieval tragedy was expected to depict the downfall of a person of high rank, whether that person deserved to fall or not. Shakespeare's tragedies usually depict such downfalls so that the reversal of fortune is always from good to badbut the people who suffer those falls do so because of flaws in their own characters.

To this day, we generally expect a tragedy to end with the death of the protagonist as a result of a fatal flaw or mistake in that person' character. Now let's go back to Aristotle again. In his Poetics, written about B.

The last two were placed last because they were the least under the control of the writer. No doubt the original performances of Shakespeare's plays also involved music, since many of them include songs. As for spectacle, we have to infer that there were some stage devices, such as whatever makes the witches disappear in Act I of Macbeth.

But look at the first five paragraphs above, which deal with those other four features in reverse order the third and fourth both cover character. Shakespeare shone in all four areas.

Although we enjoy seeing his plays on film, with all the advantages cinematography can provide, the language alone can often create all the spectacle we need.

Finally, a few years ago I was slightly surprised to read an article referring to Shakespeare as "the world's most popular playwright"--but it took me only a moment to realize that of course he is. Afer years, his plays are still performed and filmed regularly, and people go to see them.

Have read and taught most of them.He is widely regarded as the greatest writer in all of English literature. Although Shakespeare composed a wealth of exquisite, enduring poetry (especially the Sonnets), he devoted himself primarily to the theater.

William Shakespeare was born/baptized on April 26th and died on April 23rd - How Shakespeare Changed the English Language Essay introduction. He was an English poet and playwright, widely regarded as the greatest writer in the English language and the world’s pre-eminent dramatist.

Why is Shakespeare considered the greatest writer ever? Conclusion The greatness of William Shakespeare then rests upon his vivid sense of observation, upon his uncanny psychological insight into human nature and upon his genuine ability, as the true creative artist, to synthesize, by means of his imagination, the play of the human passions into living poetry and drama.

Jan 23,  · False, most people do not consider William Shakespeare as "the greatest play writer of all time", the people who do are people that concentrates in the field of English Literature, and are severely limited to other Resolved.

The Top Ten Reasons Shakespeare Did Not Write Shakespeare.

Reasons why shakespeare was regarded as the greatest in english literature

Keir Cutler. Britain’s greatest biblical scholars, has 12, different words. There are 29, different words The thousands of new words Shakespeare added to the English language were created from his. Shakespeare is considered the greatest writer in English literature for a number of reasons.

Reasons why shakespeare was regarded as the greatest in english literature

Primarily, he wrote an incredible amount of works with great variety.

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