Preliminary jewish ethical teachings

Symbols Star of David, chai, hamsa, tree "It has been estimated that one-third of our Western civilization bears the marks of its Jewish ancestry. Through thousands of years of suffering, persecution, dispersion, and the occasional victory, Jewish religion and culture has been profoundly influential.

Preliminary jewish ethical teachings

Judaism's influence Judaism has an all-enveloping and passionate dedication to the ideal of justice. The moral imperatives of justice, ethics and morality were taught by the Torah and the Jewish prophets, so that they are religious ideals and obligations, rather than just good behavior.

We are obligated to care for the poor Deuteronomy We are also warned against corruption, bribery, misuse of power, and mistreatment of workers.

The Torah specifies rights for women and other groups. The Torah teaches the ideal of justice for the benefit of society and the moral guidance of the individual. The relevant verses are mixed in with other Torah-topics so that the message is imbibed as part of the whole.

Judaism addresses in depth and in detail the obligations of the individual and the community to other individuals. A Jew has a legal obligation to help someone in need e. Tradition states that every Jew should exhibit the characteristic of chesed, meaning the ability to go beyond the requirement of the law to help others.

The Talmud states that mercy and kindness should be among the defining traits of every Jew Talmud, Yevamot 79a. The rabbis stressed the necessity for people to help each other.

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In order to survive, all human beings must practice mutual aid. Compassion, humility, a charitable spirit, forgiveness and good manners are also desirable qualities of the Jew in personal relationships. The Jewish sages specified in detail the attributes which are expected of us.

Work and Business Ethics: Being ethical in business is an essential value in Judaism; such as paying workers on time Leviticus These laws are discussed at great length in the Talmud.

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The Forefathers themselves were the earliest examples of this kind of carefulness, which has permeated the Torah ever since for example, Genesis ch. Judaism has a heightened sensitivity to the world around us, reflected in the Torah and by the Rabbis and their later rulings.

Judaism created specific laws in this area that predated modern laws by thousands of years. For example, the Talmud rules that there must remain distance between industrial and rural areas to create a healthy ecological balance. Garbage must not pollute public property.

Maimonides states that causing air pollution through smoke, dust, and noxious smells is not permitted even if no one protests. Water must not cause damage or pollution. Noise must not create a nuisance to the human environment. The laws of sh'mittah, by which the land must lie fallow every seventh year Leviticus ch.

These laws are observed in Israel to this day, by religious farmers.mitzvot are foundational to Jewish ethics. The. fundamental source.

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of ethical guidance for Jews is the. Torah, which includes the Written and Oral Torah. Different components of the Torah give ethical guidance to varying degrees of specificity.

Preliminary jewish ethical teachings

The Judaism – Core Ethical Teachings. Jewish ethics is the moral philosophy particular to one or both of the Jewish religion and peoples. Serving as a convergence of Judaism and the Western philosophical tradition of ethics, the diverse literature of Jewish ethics's broad range of moral concern classifies it as a type of normative ethics.

There are several ethical teachings in Christianity and Islam that instruct Christians and Muslims on how they should act in everyday life.

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These ethical teachings often require the members of each religion to give generously to the welfare of those in need. Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on Preliminary Jewish Ethical Teachings. Harchol's animated series Jewish Food For Thought, which is generously funded by The Covenant Foundation, with Fiscal Sponsorship by FJC and the Foundation for Jewish Culture, centers on Jewish ethical teachings, and is used as an educational resource by countless schools and synagogues across the country, and was featured on websites ranging.

Core Ethical TeachingsCore Ethical Teachings of Judaismof Judaism By Landon MeyersBy Landon Meyers For Mr. HaskvitzFor Mr. Haskvitz 2. MonotheisticMonotheistic Judaism is a religionJudaism is a religion where there is only onewhere there is only one GodGod Also in close relation toAlso in close relation to Judaism is Christianity,Judaism is.

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