Possible factors in underachievement of males within education education essay

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Possible factors in underachievement of males within education education essay

Possible factors in underachievement of males within education education essay

Mitsos and Browne believe that boys are underachieving in education, although they also believe girls are disadvantaged. Two stood out to be in particular. The culture of masculinity encourages boys to want to appear macho and tough.

They are therefore more likely to develop an anti-education, anti learning subculture, where school work is seen as unmacho. His main focus of his study was a group of 12 working-class boys whom he followed over their last 18 months at school, and their first few months of work.

The 12 pupils formed a friendship grouping with a distinctive attitude to school.

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The lads had their own counter-school culture, which was opposed to the values espoused by the school. When Willis followed the lads into their first job, he found important similarities between shop-floor culture and the counter-school culture.

Interpretivists see the world from their point of view and I have chosen this because I can get feelings from them. My proposed method in conducting my study will be to use unstructured interviews.

I am using this method because this type of interview gives the interviewee a comfortable relationship with interviewer with would lead to more open answers.

I will pick a group of boys from a year 9 class and interview them about there subjects and interview their teachers about them and their achievement, I will then do the same in yr 11, so see if they have improved in their achievement. I will get qualitative data as this will be rich, descriptive data.

Within my qualitative data I have chosen to use primary data.

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My type of study is a comparative method. This is when two or more groups are analysed for similarities and differences. It is also longitudinal as it am reviewing the boys once in year 9 and again in year I will do a pilot study before hand to make sure I can practice the interview technique and questions.

I will use a quota sampling method. This is so I can select the pupils that I will review. The reason for this is that it is a representative of a large amount of people. I will access my sampling and writing to the school.

I will record the data by tape recorder to ensure the information is all recorded and none is missed out by writing down anything.

I will use male interviewers from different backgrounds to reduce interviewer bias. For my concept of Laddish behaviour I will look at school reports of the boys and look at detentions received, discipline slips etc.

Potential Problems A critique of using an interpretivist approach is by positivists who believe that they can be unreliable. The method is a problem for my hypothesis as it can not be easily measured as it is difficult to interpret.

This is due to my data being qualitative; this is therefore a problem as people may not see my hypothesis as being reliable or accurate. A problem with unstructured interviews is that they are difficult to generalise.

This is because the data only has answers to my hypothesis statement which does not relate to other subjects as qualitative data is in depth and specific. I may also have an interviewer bias as my interviewees could bend the teachers and lads into saying what they think before the interview takes place, also when tape recorders are listened too the information could be miss interpreted.

Using 2 or more schools from different areas would have been more sufficient. A problem with the operationalise of my second concept is that it is sometimes hard to distinguish between laddish behaviour and other forms of behaviour, so this concept cannot be measured fully enough.

How to cite this page Choose cite format:Gender Disadvantages In Education Education Essay In the early s came the first indicants that the instability between male and female accomplishment was altering.

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The grounds for this emerged foremost from the consequences of the GCSE scrutiny and so from Advanced Level consequences. Possible Factors In Underachievement Of Males Within Education Education Essay. Print Reference this. Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student.

This is not an example of the work written by our professional academic writers. Sociological studies with regard the ‘underachievement of males’, throughout the British education. They widened choice within education system, introduced compulsory inspections and testing, and encouraged competition to increase marketisation.

The National Curriculum was introduced, OFSTED was set up, SATs and GCSEs were compulsory, and Legue tables were formed. Possible Factors In Underachievement Of Males Within Education Education Essay Sociological studies with regard the ‘underachievement of males’, throughout the British education system, appear to be dominated by the .

These measures coincide with increasing calls within the black community and among anti-feminist male activists for the provision of male role models to remedy the current underachievement of male students.

Although it is possible for teachers or parents to work alone, the strategy is most effective when they cooperate with one another. The Trifocal Model has been used effectively for children in kindergarten through grade 12 in regular education, special education, at-risk programs, and gifted programs.

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