For ce students

Cool test strategies that work. It is intended to strengthen your test taking skills so that you can get a score that truly reflects your ability. We focus on familiarizing you with test questions and guiding you in developing test taking strategies, managing test panic, increasing confidence and speed. Become familiar with the test format, including test directions and scoring.

For ce students

Real music to help you master your skills. Hear the answers - Check your work How can you tell your sight singing is getting better without checking your work? Practicing Sight Singing without being able to hear the answer is like practicing basketball without a hoop. How will you know if the basketball hit the hoop?

Coastline Community College Military Programs CE registration takes place during the published registration period on the Academic Calendar.

Basketball provides a hoop so you have a visual target to shoot for. Listen to For ce students answer files so you can hear how the example was supposed to sound.

After all, the best way to get better at something is to practice. Work at your own pace Start wherever you want and work your way through more challenging examples. Start easy The first level starts with the stepwise motion of a simple scale. As you progress, leaps are added as well as more difficult rhythms.

Choral Sight Singing After learning single melody lines, students will learn how to read a vocal line in a choral score. Glossary and Instructional Materials Deepen your understanding of musical terms.

For ce students

Written Quizzes Assess your students' progress. The answer track lets you hear how did. Practice Anywhere - Home or School Feel like assigning some sight singing practice for homework?

Wish your students could practice without you? Are you an individual just looking for a place to practice? You can start wherever you like and work at your own pace through over examples.

Each answer track has a count off so you'll know exactly when it will start. If the example has harmony, you'll also hear your starting pitches. For schools, Teacher and students have their own accounts.

We'll even remember where you left off. You can choose from five types of examples, different keys, time signatures and levels of difficulty. Once you've made your choice, matching examples appear on the screen one at a time. You'll also be shown what is covered in the example you are viewing so you'll know exactly what you're working on.

Add Sight Singing to your daily rehearsal For schools choral workbooks are included with instructional resources.The School of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions welcomes international students to: study on our beautiful campus in Ithaca, New York, join us for one of our programs around the world, and.

Meet Our Students & Faculty. Are you thinking of launching a new career or looking to advance in your current position? Continuing Education’s professional certificate programs can help you reach your goal in a fairly short period of time and with affordable tuition.

Hear what our students have to say. Continuing Education students in courses linked to credit courses will be required to meet the same prerequisites as credit students (this includes reading, writing, and math prerequisites).

Vice Presidents of Instruction may make exceptions for individual students. Part-time Studies, Full-time Results. Every semester, thousands of students prepare for careers through Seneca College's Faculty of Continuing Education and Training. Part-time degrees, certificates, diplomas, and graduate certificates, as well as a wide selection of career.

Campus Employment (CE) The Campus Employment program is a Marymount-funded program that enables both undergraduate and graduate students to work part-time on campus. Under this program, students can work up to 10 hours per week while classes are in session and up to 20 hours per week during the summer and breaks.

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