Essays on exotic pets

Messenger Why was the Mexican painter, Frida Kahlo, obsessed with monkeys — not to mention parrots, pre-Hispanic dogs and deer? Eight of the large number of self-portraits she painted in her short life 55 out of paintings feature spider monkeys. The first of these painted in featured just one monkey, but by Frida was expanding the menagerie of exotic animals that were her friends. The decision to include monkeys as her constant companions was not arbitrary.

Essays on exotic pets

Grade My Paper for Free If the previous paragraph did not persuade you, consider the danger of biological contamination.

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According to different estimates, at least one in three reptiles which are among the most popular exotic pets—iguanas, for example is a host for salmonella and shigella bacteria; the overall percentage with salmonella is probably up to 90 percent.

According to data provided by the U. Fish and Wildlife Service, 90 percent of imported green iguanas carry unfamiliar strains of intestinal bacteria. Other species are not safer. About 25 percent of both imported and domestically-bred macaques are reported to have had the herpes B virus.

Among other diseases carried and transported by wild animals, one should mention such infections as chlamydia, yaba virus, giardia, tuberculosis, measles, marburg virus, hepatitis A, campylobacteriosis, rabies, streptothricosis, and a lot of other malicious microorganisms, including worms ASPCA.

In addition, wild animals can pose a direct physical threat to their owners.

Essays on exotic pets

In another case, a Bengal tiger has bitten off an arm of a four-year-old boy. Since the beginning of the century, four people were hunted down and killed by wolf hybrids.

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This is not to mention the cases when wild animals attacked other domesticated pets—cats, dogs, and so on PETA. Along with well-known ecological problems—such as the extinction of species, or the destruction of rainforests, there is also another significant issue: This is a bad practice, since wild animals require unique conditions that an average American cannot afford; exotic animals carry and transmit exotic diseases, which can pose a threat to owners; and there were numerous incidents when a captivated wild animal attacked its owner, or members of their families.

All this is solid proof in favor of the claim that wild exotic animals should not be kept as pets. Exotic Animals as Pets.History. SCP was brought into containment after a series of ten (10) cardboard packages printed with stylized images of SCP specimens and the words "Dr.

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Keeping wild and exotic animals as pets threatens public health and safety as well as animal welfare. Wild animals can attack, they can spread disease, and the average pet owner cannot provide the. Essay Scholarships.

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Argumentative Essays On Exotic Animals As Pets. Exotic Animals as Pets Danger, danger!Animals are cute, but not all are domesticated to own as are a man’s best friend, people suggest cats are an old lonely lady’s answer to everything, and everyone has a dream to own a tiger or lion.

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