Essay about cheesecake factory

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Essay about cheesecake factory

CISL San Francisco teacher Lou Ann gave her students this chance when she asked her class to review a restaurant and write a report about their experience. The class chose The Cheesecake Factory and compiled a beautifully detailed review of the establishment.

Essay about cheesecake factory

We are always impressed with the writing skills of our English learners, and this is a shining example of the English language skills our students are achieving. Enjoy the review, and warning: Level 8 Class Review: The Cheesecake Factory Instructor: Lou Ann Bassan Students: March 8, A post shared by Lisandra Milagres lisandramilagres on Jun 28, at 2: I am referring to word of mouth.

The things more listened to of The Cheesecake Factory are different. People usually recommend to go there because of the quality of the food. People are more focused on the quality of food instead of the cheesecakes that are a second thought, although they are well valued too.

Some foreign people thought that this restaurant was only to drink coffee and have a cheesecake because of its name, but anyway they heard that it was a good place to go. Besides, some people decided to go The Cheesecake Factory only because they listened to the name of this restaurant on the TV show!

Jun 29, at 4: There are restaurants spread across the country. Of course, this restaurant has never been as big as it is now. It started in as a small shop in Detroit owned by Evelyn Overton.

After some difficulties she and her husband opened a new shop, which was just a square foot in Los Angeles inand the success of this shop made them to create new flavors for the cheesecakes. Because of this amazing story and the magnitude of this restaurant, we will do a good review of this interesting place!

A post shared by Teresa Tran pubikboi on May 31, at 2: In this restaurant, you can find many dishes, from appetizers to desserts. The huge quantities allow you to share the food and in that way, you can taste many dishes.

There are no specialties like Asian food or South American food. You can see a lot of dishes with international names but just the name is ethnic. The citrus flavor, the lightness of the cake and the fine crust are really appreciated by the cheesecake addicts.

In the case of Angelina, she always eats dishes with cheese, because she believes that cheese is the specialty of the restaurant Cheesecake Factory. Another negative point that we can underline regarding the dishes, except cheesecake, is that almost everything is made with chicken, there is not a lot of imagination.

Moreover, they put some Chantilly cream on my cheesecake and when I tried to take it off, I discovered that the fresh Chantilly was hiding the old one. First, romantic, dark lighting made a satisfactory atmosphere.THE CHEESECAKE FACTORY.


Sometimes, as we know, the first comments that we heard or read of a restaurant is enough to go to the restaurant or not. Evaluation Essay Restaurant Review: The Cheesecake Factory The Cheesecake Factory is one of the most popular chain restaurants in Virginia Beach, located in Town Center.

The restaurant is one of the best for a variety of reasons, but the main reasons include the menus, the cleanliness of the restaurant, and the service provided by the employees. The Cheesecake Factory Felicia Ann Dortch Professor Gwendolyn Wiggins Bus December 15, I choose The Cheesecake Factory and its code of conduct.

A code of conduct is a set of rules outlining the responsibilities of or proper practices for an individual, party or organization. Essay Cheesecake Factory undoubtingly respond the same way every time; The Cheesecake Factory! Let’s explore the strengths and weaknesses of this Restaurant and determine some things that would possibly increase the overall brand.

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