Effects of back massage on chemotherapy related fatigue

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Effects of back massage on chemotherapy related fatigue

Eating well helps you maintain your strength and energy level during treatment. Good nutrition helps your body recover faster and feel better after treatment. It also strengthens your immune system to help your body fight the disease.

Cancer and its treatments can affect the way your body uses nutrients, and can increase the loss of certain nutrients. It is important to replenish these nutrients by taking in adequate nutrition.

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Side effects from treatment are possible but do not happen to everyone. It is important to be aware of side effects of treatment that can occur and to know how to manage them.

This section provides you with information on maintaining good nutrition before, during and after cancer treatment. West Michigan Cancer Center Registered Dietitians You may find that you have more questions about nutrition and cancer, even after you have read this section.

Effects of back massage on chemotherapy related fatigue

Also, if you are already following a special diet prescribed for you by your doctor, you may need to know how to fit nutrition for cancer treatment into your current meal plan.

Generally, you can be scheduled at or near a time when you are already planning to be at West Michigan Cancer Center. You may not need it at the start of treatment; however, by the middle of treatment, you will be pleased that this is available to you.

Getting Started Take a trip to the grocery store. Buy a variety of favorite foods that will be convenient and easy to prepare. Make food ahead of time.

Discuss possible side effects of your treatment with your doctors and nurses.

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Be aware that these may or may not occur, and know how to handle them if they do. If you are taking any vitamin, mineral, herbal or dietary supplements, ask your physician and dietitian if you can continue taking them during treatment.

There may be an interaction between these and other medications you are currently taking, or treatments you may receive in the future. Avoid large doses of antioxidants including vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin A, beta-carotene and selenium during treatment.

However, standard amounts of these nutrients found in multivitamins with minerals, and in foods, are not of concern. There are many resources available to you. Your body needs extra care during this time. Get plenty of rest. Eat a well-balanced diet. Your body needs to build strength and help itself heal.

WMCC has a dietitian available to help you. Plan your activities when you feel well.Chemotherapy drugs kill cancer cells, but they can also damage healthy cells.

Effects of back massage on chemotherapy related fatigue

This damage to healthy cells causes side effects. Different cells and tissues in the body tolerate chemotherapy differently. Chemotherapy drugs have the greatest effect on rapidly dividing cells, such as blood cells in the. For best results message your feet with one of the top 16 essential oils for relieving pain and inflammation..

3. Foot Massage Brings Relief from Cancer Symptoms and Chemotherapy Side Effects. Foot massage helped cancer patients find relief from not only pain, but nausea, in a study spearheaded by researchers from the University of Canberra and published in the Cancer Nursing .

Cochrane works collaboratively with contributors around the world to produce authoritative, relevant, and reliable evidence, in the form of Cochrane Reviews.

Feb 23,  · Slow-stroke back massage reduced fatigue in adults with acute leukemia who were undergoing chemotherapy (1). Breast cancer patients who received massage experienced a reduction in cancer-related fatigue (10, 11) as did patients with breast cancer who were undergoing radiation therapy who received both massage & polarity therapy (12).

Effects of back massage on chemotherapy-related fatigue and anxiety: Supportive care and therapeutic touch in cancer nursing Serife Karagozoglu, BSc, MSc, PhD, RN a,⁎, Emine Kahve, BSc, MSc, RN b a Cumhuriyet University Faculty of Health Science, Division of Nursing, Department of Fundamentals of Nursing, , Sivas, Turkey b Cumhuriyet University Research and Application Hospital, Sivas.

Although your treatment has ended, you are still coping with how it affects your body. It can take time to get over the effects of cancer treatment.

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Each person's schedule is different. You may wonder how your body should feel during this time and what may be a sign that cancer is coming back. This.

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