Big huge labs writing a cover

By Brian Wagner December 12, It really is no secret that car guys love to look at chrome and other shiny things on cars.

Big huge labs writing a cover

Rookie Meet Rookie - a scrumptious purebred Labrador Retriever puppy who is completely adorable! This month old baby boy is a black male with a shiny coat and just as cute as can be.

He's still a little guy at 55 pounds and will likely grow to be the breed standard 80 pounds at adulthood. Rookie was rescued from a high kill shelter, shelter staff said they were told his owner had a job change and had to move leaving nowhere for Rookie to go but to the shelter.

Luck for Rookie and for Indilab our volunteer rushed out to rescue this boy as this was no place for him to spend even one more night. Rookie is very, very sweet.

big huge labs writing a cover

He is a wiggle-butt Labrador who loves everyone he meets! In fact, he will jump up on you with excitement - very typical of young lab pups. He will just need to learn to greet people with all four paws on the ground before he gets larger and jumping up isn't as cute.

Rookie takes his treats gently and is food motivated. This will make it easy to train him. He is already learning his basic commands. You should see him sit! His new owners should do a puppy obedience class so he can continue to learn all the basics.

Not only that, Lab puppies always pull on the leash, so this little guy will need nice treat based leash training as well.

After all, he's a puppy! Rookie is fabulous with other dogs and very playful. He enjoys dog park, doggie friends and romping around.

He is fostered with another big lab and they love being together. Rookie was cat tested and did fine with the cats, however, all dogs especially puppies should have supervision when first introducing them to each other,Until you are sure that all is good between them, they should not be left unsupervised.

Lab puppies his age all require lots of exercise and attention. He has not discovered how to play fetch yet, but in no time he will catch on, he would a great jogging partner, go to dog park or even enjoy a hike with you every day!

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He will also need lots of fun chew toys like Kongs, Nylabones and more.Aug 22,  · This magazine cover tool from Big Huge Labs lets you upload an image or bring in one of your photos from Flickr, Facebook, Photobucket or from a URL.

You can customize the color palette, fonts. ACT01 - Tatonka Challenge Another quirky Amazon tradition continues—the fifth annual AWS re:Invent Tatonka Challenge.

Here, you’ll embark on a quest of epic proportions: Eating your way to honor through mass consumption of buffalo chicken wings (or celery for our plant-loving friends). These heads from Visner Engine Development are their big block Chevy spread port 14 and 14 ½ degree versions of their big chief style heads.

The beautiful billet units use the Dart style valve cover, have a conventional header layout pattern, and most 14 and 14 ½ degree manifolds will bolt right up to them.

Hi Wanjoo, I think the technique of switching from past tense to present tense for a flashback can work very well. A flashback should pull readers in and make them feel some sense of urgency and immediacy, and using present tense is a great way to do that.

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