Aret lerian business plan

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Aret lerian business plan

aret lerian business plan

Nescio qua natale solum dulcedine cunctos Du [ In this kind, or not much different, have divers persons in Forrein parts, very learnedly written; some whereof I have noted in my Preface: The Survey of Cornwall, by Mr.

To which I may adde A short view of Staffordshire, by Mr. What I have said of our VVarwick-shire Families, is whil'st [Page] they have been seated in the Countie; and, where I could, pointing briefly at their extractions: That this my endeavour will have a candid acceptance, I no whit doubt; my principall ayme having been, by setting before you the noble and eminent Actions of your worthy Ancestors, to incite the present and future ages to a vertuous imitation of them; the continued welfare, and lasting honour of your selves and hopefull posterity, being the unfeigned wishes, of Your most devoted and humble servant William Dugdale.

THat the prefixing an Introduction to this present work, is as essentiall as the Porch to a greater building will not be doubted; I shall therefore, by way of Preface, speak briefly of Historie in generall, and then of that which may most properly usher in the following Discourse.

It is Historie, saith an eminent Sr. Ralegh in the Preface to his Hist. And as this is no little satisfaction to all discreet men, so may it be of much advantage, in regard that by a serious observance of the Actions that former times have produced, with their circumstances and issues, a far greater knowledge may be obtained, than the longest life can otherwise afford.

Nor do I want example for Discourses of this kind scil. Catel; of Bresse and Bugey by Sam. Sanderus, who hath most exquisitely represented, by curious Cuts, the Cities, Towns, Monasteries, Colledges, and Gentlemens Houses of note, in those parts, for the better ornament of his Storie.

Perhaps there are some who may expect in this my undertaking, that I should ascend much higher with my discourse of divers Places and Families than I have done,Vide W.

For in the time of the Saxon Heptarchie most certain it is, that there was no little striving by those petty Kings to enlarge their Dominions, whereby great wast and spoil was occasioned: Regis Elfredi ad Past. Neither did they much minde learning, till a little before the Conquest by Duke William, as may appear by the testimonie of an authentique Writer W.

Not few years before the coming of the Normans, the Clergie were content with disorderly learning, being scarce ab [ So that it is not such a merveil that we have [ The like agreement in the year M.

But to come neerer to my purpose: Now, that it was King Egbert the West-Saxon that so united the Heptarchie, is plain enough; but they are both short: Selden Tit of Honour p. So that, had there not been Counties then, this could not have been said: For VVilliam of Malmesbury, who mentioneth the occasion of that King's constitution of the Hundreds only, delivereth the same reason that Ingulphus by that mistake doth for Counties and Hundreds both—Et Will.

Full text of "History and genealogy of the Harlan family: and particularly of the descendants of George and Michael Harlan, who settled in Chester County, Pa., " See other formats. Mr. and Mrs. Peter Kinney Peter and Patricia Kinney Family Scholarship Mr. Jordan Kokkoris The Riyaz Akhtar Endowed Experiential Education Platform Mr. Aret Lerian Corporate Sponsorships Dr. months of age, the mineral-fed the county's business men have backed a calves weighted 33 1/3% MORE livestock promotion program that is outor POUNDS MORE than the standing in the Southeast. The Southeastern Fat Stock Show held at non-mineral fed calves.

And if any guilty person should fly, before or after his giving such securitie, that then all within the Hundred and Tithing should be fined to the King. To give some reason why they were called Counties.Full text of "History and genealogy of the Harlan family: and particularly of the descendants of George and Michael Harlan, who settled in Chester County, Pa., " See other formats.

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aret lerian business plan

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