An examination of the character of andres

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An examination of the character of andres

A minor character plays a major role in the Barry Jenkins drama Moonlight Mahershala Ali steals the show as a Miami drug dealer yearning for fatherhood. No less than three fine young actors play the boy at age nine, 16, and 26, and another three play the schoolmate whose fate is intertwined with his.

Juan faces a similar dilemma: Juan is powerfully built, boss of a small drug crew, but from the first scene he reveals himself as a man given to small kindnesses, promising to pray for the ailing mother of his drug lieutenant Shariff Earp.

Jenkins shoots from inside the darkened unit as Juan pries the plywood off a window and angelic light comes flooding in around his tall, muscular form.

In the morning Juan returns Little to his strung-out mother, Paula, expecting to be thanked, but she freezes him out; when he offers his hand to the boy in farewell, she turns the child away from him.

An examination of the character of andres

Cuban by birth, Juan loves the ocean; he takes Little to the beach for the first time in his life and teaches the boy to float, holding him parallel with the water.

That night Juan discovers Paula and her boyfriend parked a few yards from his drug corner, smoking crack. When he pulls the mother out of the car to reprimand her, she wheels on him furiously, demanding to know what he wants from her child and reminding him that he makes his livelihood off her addiction.

When McCraney advances the narrative seven years, taking up with Chiron Ashton Sanders in high school, Juan vanishes from the movie.

Weirdly, no one even mentions him, though the boy continues to find comfort and protection with Teresa. Has Juan been incarcerated?

Murdered by rival dealers? Meanwhile, Chiron suffers even worse bullying in school, and his long-standing friendship with his classmate Kevin Jharrel Jerome deepens into sexual passion before curdling into betrayal. Juan may have exited the story without explanation, yet his memory hangs over the action.

In the third and final chapter, the protagonist has moved to Atlanta, gotten into bodybuilding, and reinvented himself as Black Trevante Rhodesa muscular drug dealer. But when the two men are reunited, Kevin can barely recognize his old friend. Chiron seemed like a boy that might turn into someone special, but Black, true to his name, turns out to be no more than the ghetto life he inherited.Another character ignites a spark of jealousy in one of the other characters, and at that point, the character who caused that spark mostly exists for the broad end of the comedy.

Basically, the movie has five main characters, and only two of them really matter in its examination of friendship on the brink.

[Philida] combines an unflinching examination of the cruelties inflicted on the African people by their Afrikaner masters with an attempt to give voice to the tradition that sustained them [A] rich and complex novel A deep love of the South African countryside shines through, woven together with creation myths and earthy folk tales.

Robert "Robbie" Shapiro is one of the seven main characters on Victorious. He's a shy, awkward, and weird student, but he's also a good friend, loyal, honest, and smart. He is a student at Hollywood Arts High School who usually carries Rex, a ventriloquist puppet, around with him.

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An American Marriage is a gripping, masterfully crafted message in a bottle, at once a dispatch from the past and a foreshadowing of the future, bringing exquisite reading pleasure and painful, crucial news.”/5(55).

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